Welcome to Dave-Carney.com

Bozho, Nikan (Hello, Friend)

Welcome to OUR website. This site is meant to be a one-stop resource for the Citizen Potawatomi Nation members living in District 8. Here you can find what is going on locally, information about benefits that are available to you, and some information about our traditions. If you would like to see more or different information here, just ask - I'll work on it.

It is my honor and privilege to represent you in the Nation's legislature. In addition to my legislative duties, I am available to assist you and answer your questions about the Nation's programs. My goal is to be a conduit for you to our tribal homeland and government in Oklahoma. If I don't have the answer - I'll find it!

Please spend some time on the site and re-visit it occasionally. As always, I enjoy hearing from you!

Migwetch (Thanks!)

Dave Carney
District 8 Representative